Shipping FAQ
1. How do I change shipping methods?
Once the order is placed, the mode of transport should not be changed. However, you can still contact our customer service department via Please proceed as soon as possible during the order processing phase. If you are responsible for any changes in the way of transportation, we may update the mode of transport.
2. How do I change my shipping address?
If you wish to change the shipping address after placing an order, please contact the customer service department of as soon as possible during the order processing phase to indicate your request. If the parcel is not yet shipped, we can send the package to the new address. However, if the parcel has been shipped, the address can not be changed during parcel transport.
3. When I get orders after the receipt of my items?
The duration depends on the mode of delivery and destination. The delivery time varies depending on the mode of transportation used. If the package can not be delivered in a timely manner due to a natural disaster or any other unforeseen or avoided situation, the delivery will be delayed.
4. How much are you shipping to my country?
We are free shipping for all orders. Our goal is to quickly and safely deliver the goods to our customers.
5. How do I know if my items have been shipped?
When your item has already been sent, we will send a notification email to your registered email address. The tracking number is usually available in the next few days and we will update the tracking information on your account.
6. How do I track my order?
Once we provide you with a tracking number, you will be able to view the status of the package online by visiting the website of the relevant distribution company.
7. Why is my tracking number invalid?
The tracking information usually appears 2-3 days after delivery. If the tracking number can not be searched after this time, there are several possible reasons.
The shipping company has not updated the latest delivery information; the tracking number of the package is incorrect; the package has been delivered and the information has expired; some shipping companies will delete the tracking number history.
We recommend that you contact our professional customer service department and provide them with your order number. We will contact you shipping company on your behalf and, once further information, your package status will be updated.
8. After the payment of liquidation, waiting for orders issued how long?
Our processing time is 2 working days. This means that your product will usually be issued within 2 business days.

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