1, Which currency does your price use?
 All prices listed on Fineopt.com are listed in US dollars.
2, What is the meaning of "final sale"?
 If an item is marked as "final sale" (which can be found in the product page below the available size), it can not be returned or exchanged. Any refunded "final sale" item will not issue store credit or refund. If you are unsure whether your order contains final sales, please contact our customer service team.
3, Gift vouchers are eligible to receive special offers or promotions?
 Sorry, gift vouchers are not included in the purchase amount that is eligible for promotional offers.
4, How to change my e-mail preferences?
 If you have joined Fineopt, you will automatically set up to receive emails about our interesting features and competitions, exclusive opportunities and preferred knowledge and other news and important order information. However, you can also customize the type of message you want to receive. First make sure you are logged in and then click the name at the top of the page to access your email settings. From there, you can choose, adjust or restrict your email preferences as needed!
5, Can I use multiple coupons on my order?
 No, sorry! Our system can only accept one coupon at a time and will enter the last coupon by default. Coupon code can not be combined.
 Not sure, still need to know more? Please send an email to us: fineopt@hotmail.com, submit a request or chat with us instantly. We will always be happy to serve you!
6, Why do not I get fineopt e-mail?
 We like to keep in touch with our community, so we will send emails to members about fun features, tournaments and sales in addition to other news and important order information. We also take care of every customer email we receive. So if you have already joined Fineopt, but have not received these emails, or if you are only experiencing trouble with us, we are sorry!
 Gmail, Yahoo! And Hotmail may incorrectly prevent Fineopt mail from being spam, so you can adjust the settings to make sure that our email arrives in your inbox instead of the spam folder.
7, My credit card has more bills! what should I do?
 When you encounter an error at the checkout (incorrect billing address, incorrect security code, etc.), your bank may charge an extra charge for your purchase in your account. These fees help the bank to track the attempted trading on the card. Normally, the waiting fee will be removed from your account within 3-5 business days, or your bank will update its information.
 Please be assured that Fineopt will not accept payment unless the order has actually been sent to us. Once we see the billing error, we will reject your transaction. Even if the bank shows "charges", there is actually no money. Please contact your bank or credit card company for more information. We are happy to provide any verification or documentation that they may need to eliminate your funds.
8, When I try to refund, the site says my billing address is wrong. what should I do?
 Our transaction processor is super safe, so make sure that the card information you enter on our website is exactly what's on your statement. If the information entered is not consistent with your bank archive, the transaction will not pass. Since our system can only receive cards with billing and account information, we are often unable to process third-party gift cards or prepaid debit cards.
 We recommend that you contact your bank to verify your billing address because your bank may have incorrect or old information. Sometimes, the bank may freeze or hold funds when it repeatedly rejects, so check your information carefully before making multiple order attempts.

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